Problems after Vibrant root


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Oct 12, 2011
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I just rooted my Vibrant, and superuser keeps telling me to update the binary, but when I click update, it says "can't find currently installed su binary, cannot continue." There's other things Ive tried to open or do that also tell me there's a prob with the binary and busybox. Root test app says busybox is not installed properly. I used superoneclick to root.
Also, since rooting, I've noticed my files are all mixed up in the files app, all my media/pics went back into system files and no longer in gallery (except a few), Still can't open most files, and, my 3g icon in top tray is never lit anymore and signal is very weak now. Dropping calls all the time now. Also, a bit more minor, but alot of the settings are changed and if i put em back, they just change again, ie call waiting wont vibrate or alert during call, i just see a missed call when i hang up. Apps on home pages disappear, etc. Constantly in settiongs putting it back, only to have em change again. Surely there;'s a fix for all this....?


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Oct 18, 2011
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Superoneclick is a good program... But screws vibrant up. Odin back to stock and flash through Odin. Need a simple guide on how? Go to Vibrant section at and click on stickies. A very great guide is posted there and is really simple to follow. Darknight42020 is my Rootzwiki screen name there and I may be able to help if that isn't enough help. Your right, 58 views and no help. I signed up just to relay this info... Good luck.

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