Problems with Widget Locker and Face Unlock?


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Dec 25, 2010
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Is anyone that uses Widget Locker also using face unlock as their security setting?

I tried it out, only to see what all the fuss about Face Unlock is, but when I would unlock my tablet with WL, I would get a big black box, and then my tablet would just go to sleep after a few seconds. I would go through this process a few times, only seeing a black box instead of the view of my face. I eventually just restarted my tablet, and then unlocked it again, and it worked, but again would not work after that. It seemed like it would only work once, after restarting my tablet.

I then turned Widget Locker off, and tried it then, and the face unlock worked perfectly, so I am assuming that WL is doing something to the Face Unlock, and i was just wondering how to solve this.