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Feb 21, 2011
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I currently have a blackberry, but thinking about getting atrix. One thing that concerns me about android is the way it handles notifications.
Currently I have 4 different email accounts set up on my phone along with BBM, SMS, facebook, twitter, etc. All have different notifications, some vibrate once, others twice, three times, longer, shorter along with different ringtones too. this way I know what I am getting before I look at my phone, so I don't have to constantly check what I received, as some notofications are more important than others.

In addition to this, blackberrys have sensors in them that together with certain holsters, put the phone into holster mode, which can be configured to automatically put the phone in vibrate mode so the ringer doesn't go off for any notifications if the phone is in the holster. this way I never have to change profiles, its all done automatically.

Also, I have berry buzz installed which flashes different color led for each of my 4 email accounts, different color also for BBM, different led for facebook, SMS, etc.

The notifications on BB are so customizable and I can't find anything like this for Android.

Anyone out there with experience with apps that can handle all this?

I have seen BLINK, audio manager, holster buddy, etc. All suck in comparison and have 1/4 the flexibility that BB have.


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Feb 1, 2011
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there are a few programs that utilize the (tiny!) LED on the atrix - "Blink LED" is one of them. that one doesn't do e-mail specific though, but i think a few paid apps have that function that i have yet to try. however the LEDs on most android phones will only light if the screen is off - once the screen turns back on the LED won't blink anymore. anyway, i've confirmed that the atrix LED has most of the spectrum - red, blue, green, yellow, purple, turqoise. BerryBuzz was my favorite BB app so i do miss it a lot, and this isn't nearly as good but it works at least.

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