question about unlimited data line


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Jul 21, 2010
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No you can not. They barely want you keeping it on your own line let alone transfer it.

From my Galaxy Note 2 via Tapatalk

This. You can however, transfer phone upgrades from one line to another so one can maintain unlimited data. What are you trying to do?


Mar 8, 2011
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Hi My Galaxy Nexus got stolen from my car and I had a upgrade on my tablet line and I was trying to transfer the upgrade to my nexus line and was told I could not do that because the fact I had unlimited data and If I want to keep the unlimited data I have to get the phone on the line that is able to do the upgrade. and after the phone is on the line and activated. I was going to have to do a device switch. That is the only way to keep unlimited data. Before that I was on the phone from 45 mins with a rep. So I suggest activating the new phone on the line that does not have unlimited data. and then swapping the phone to the one that does.


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Feb 17, 2011
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This. You can however, transfer phone upgrades from one line to another so one can maintain unlimited data. What are you trying to do?

Interesting on this... multiple times I have tried this and each and every time I was told I had to change the plan to something else. I only tried this online, maybe in the store they are a little nicer about it.


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Aug 15, 2012
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I went to a BB store and said I have only one line, ready for upgrade, and wanted to buy retail to keep my unlimited. He said the only way I could buy the phone was to change plans. I suggested that if I buy retail I could keep my unlimited. He said there was no way and I would have to talk to Verizon about that. Exit stage left!

I went to a Verizon store and said that I wanted to buy retail to keep my unlimited. She said that was very expensive but could save me money if I bought it for $200.00 and she would make a phone call to see if they would let me keep my unlimited... The converstaion went like this:

"If I buy the phone for $200.00 you will then make a phone call to see if they will let me keep my unlimited?"
"Yes, sometimes they will allow that"
"What do you mean sometimes"
" It all depends on who I talk to"
"What do you mean who you talk to?"
"It depends on what manager I get"
"So some managers will allow it and some won`t?"
"What is their criteria for allowing some to keep unlimited, but not others?"
"It just depends on what manager I get"
"So if I buy the phone for $200.00 and then you make a call and, maybe or maybe not, I can keep my unlimited (depending on who you talk to), is it too late to buy retail and keep my old plan?
"So it is just like rolling dice to see if I get lucky"
"Thanks, but I would like to buy one retail"...

(This next section belongs in a different thread I started "what happens to returned phones" but I will include it here and could use some thoughts on this please...)

I am now buying retail... She goes to the back room to get the box. When she brings it out she slides it under the counter so that I cannot see it as she starts her computer transactions. I tried to look at it but she slides it further back under the counter. I asked if I could see the box and she said I cannot touch it until I purchase it... After finding my account on her computer she slides the box out of the sleve and takes the box top off to show me the phone, from a distance, and then covers it back up. Later she puts in the battery (making sure I see how she pulls off the plastic) and double checks to be sure there is no sim card in the phone before she put one in that she just scanned that will be mine. I was watching like a hawk as the phone was activated, out the door, and I was on my way... But here is the thing... There was no wrapper on the box to remove first. There were no security tabs on the sleve or the box that had to be cut before it could be opened. They told me a new shipment of Note2`s had just arrived "this morning", but when I glanced inside their store room as she got my sim card out of the vault, I saw only a couple of small boxes that were no indication of having this phone in stock. When she came out of the back room she closed the door behind her like that was not something for me to see... I was so excited to get the phone that I played with it for two days now, setting it up my way, but there is an underlying feeling of deceit that kept me from sleeping last night... I went back and watched a few youtube unboxings of the note 2 and notice that every one had a security tab to cut first to show the box had a new phone in it, and it had not been opened previous. Mine did not have that and I was watching... So here is my concern and how should I feel about it... Why would she not let me see the box before I purchased it, when I asked to see it? Was this a returned phone sold as new? Verizon takes out the the ear buds first, so every box has already been opened and does not have a security tab? (she told me it is unfortunate the earbuds are not included because they were $120.00 earbuds) Was this a demo phone that others have played with and now is mine? Should I just be happy I got the phone now, all set-up my own way now, and forget about it... Or should I be pissed off because I bought the phone in a hurry, didn`t challenge my gut feelings, and should start over? Will a simple factory reset make me sleep better?