Questions about Pixel 5

Haole Boy

Feb 17, 2017
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Aloha everyone. I've been using a Pixel 4 for a couple of years, and am contemplating upgrading to a Pixel 5, but have a couple of questions. Hopefully someone here has some answers.

1) My biggest gripe about the Pixel 4 is that there is only one phone ringtone that is used for both numbers. You cannot select different ringtones for the different sims. After two years of ownership of my P4, I'm still amazed and enraged that setting a different ringtone is not possible. So, does the P5 allow you to set different ringtones for the two sims? (P.S. if you've found a way to do this on a P4, please provide details).

2) My P4 does not play nicely with my bluetooth hearing aids and the bluetooth in my car. Before getting the P4, I paired my phone with the car bluetooth, and I could make and receive calls through the Ford Sync built into my car. Once I switched to the P4, then I could make a call, but aftewards, my hearing aids would not connect with the phone for audio unless I power cycled them. Of course, the hearing aid manufacturer blames the Ford Sync system. I'm pretty sure this is a fairly unique issue, but for you Pixel nerds, have there been any upgrades to the bluetooth stuff between P4 and P5?

Mahalo for your assistance!

Harry Z


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Jul 15, 2010
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Cannot speak for a 5; however, my 4Xl connects to GM's Intellilink bluetooth in my truck, as well paired with Samsung Ear buds+, Motorola Boom bluetooth, set of LG HBS700 wireless headphones, ASUS tablet, Sony HT-CT780 soundbar, HT-29F soundbar, Sony 1080 Receiver. And connects between them flawlessly.

As for the one ring...yea, that was disappointing and rather surprising when I got the 4.


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Sep 6, 2011
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I have a pixel 5 and I switch between Bluetooth headphones by jvc, a JBL Bluetooth speaker, and a Bluetooth FM transmitter in my truck. Really though the p5 is only an upgrade from the p4 in two areas. Battery and 5g. Battery life is great. Gets through the day easily with moderate-heavy use. 5g is nice but I've never honestly had a problem with my LTE speeds anyway. Everything else will be either the same or worse. I love my p5 but if I had a p4 I'd have a hard time justifying it as an upgrade.