Questions about the S8 coming from an S6 user


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Jun 1, 2015
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Hello everyone

I am VERY interested in buying an S8, I think samsung really outdone themselves this year but I have a few questions for anyone who either has it early or will be getting it in a few days from now

1. Can flipboard still be accessed on this phone? (not the app but the full blown fullscreen widget homescreen where bixby is now... could you change bixby to that?)

2. Does the S8 slowmo camera come anywhere near the iPhones? (or maybe even beat it...?)

3. When shooting pictures it leaves HUGE black bars, does that bother you? coming from someone with HUGE ocd it kinda bothers me... I love the fact that my S6 takes fullscreen pics

4. Are you buying a case/skin? and if so whats your reason on that?

5. Will you be using a launcher? I am a nova launcher prime user because of some features my S6 just doesn't get but I think the S8 got most of them (swipe up for apps, long press google maps to start driving home/to work)

6. How's the battery life been? I usually get 2 hours 30 minutes of Screen on Time on my S6 which is horrible... do you get anywhere near 4 hours? (my usage is mostly instagram and youtube... barely any phone calls or texting and my brightness is at 50%)

7. Has the optical image stabilization improved over the last year or 2?

Feel free to answer 1 question, 3 questions or all questions it doesn't really matter would love to hear all your different opinions.


Jul 14, 2011
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1) Don't have the phone yet, so I don't know. I'd imagine no, although you can still place Flipboard's widget on your homescreens.

2) It's close. Like the S7, it was a huge improvement over the crappy slow motion one from the previous Samsung phones, but iPhone still has an edge when it comes to post-processing (granted, it's marginal now).

3) Pictures aren't really saved with the black bars... just the sensor (4:3) doesn't 'match' the display (kinda like 4:3 doesn't fit a 16:9 screen and it either adds bars to the sides or crops out the edges to make it 16:9). Doesn't bother me as it gives you room for the controls to 'live in' and not overlap on the image you're taking. Might bother me a bit when watching on the Gallery, though, but I don't think it'll be that bad.

4) Yes. It helps both with grip (most reviewers agree this is one slippery phone) and with avoiding unwanted touches on those sexy curves. Plus, some drop protection for that glass and metal edges isn't bad.

5)Nova user here, too, and plan to use that. ALTHOUGH I do plan to at least take TouchWiz for a spin for a few days just to see how it's evolved. But still plan to keep Nova.

6) Again, until I get the phone I can't comment on this one. Based on early reviews, however, battery life seems to be pretty decent.

7) If you're comparing with the S6, yes, but against the S7, not a lot. Image processing, however, has improved even compared to the S7.

Kalvin Kerns

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Feb 14, 2014
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Also coming from an S6. Love my phone, but agree the battery sucks bad. Pre ordered my black S8 won't even thinking. CAN'T WAIT. :)

Sorry, didn't answer any questions.