Questions on Roms/Kernel mixtures..


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Jan 20, 2011
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I first tried the CM7 2.3.5 (9-19-2011 RC1-IHO-Kraven) with XioniaRedux, and I had some random freezing (even after I did several wipes and reinstalls -- like complete wipe/cache/dalvik cleared, then reinstallation)...sometimes I would get a FC on the initial setup after first boot, sometimes it would be later on, like trying to open a web page or something..

So now I'm using GingerKernel -v03 and the same CM7 (9-19-2011)...

Am I doing something wrong, or a kernel I should be using rather than these?

Also, I formatted my SDCard by accident, and now there's nothing left on it..

Might be a stupid question, but does Superuser.apk, busybox, and su need to be on the SDcard somewhere, or does that matter once I am rooted?

I still have root (And I"m ZVD, of course with the baseband), and I can fire up adb shell and it's root when it runs...)

So I was just curious if those files needed to be on the actual sdcard, as I'm not seeing if they make a difference...
I kinda hate that I lost my pics, but my stock rom was sync'd with Google+ and Picasa, so everything is on my Picasa web albums anyway..

THanks for the help, and sorry if I might've asked a somewhat dumb question (today was my first day of learning how to root, and so far I haven't bricked anything or torn it up -- though I did get stuck when I force flashed the VCD back to it...because the reboot didn't do anything but take me to the LG loading screen, over and over. I finally did a clear/wipe/cache wipe and got back in, then did the Gingerbreak, and voila)


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Nov 22, 2010
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Should have posted in the roms and kernels section but someone here will probably have the answer... Good luck. If I wasn't at work and on my phone I would try to help out too.


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Mar 22, 2011
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ginger kernel is for VH baseband you can try with VD but you will have more issues. Try using Drews stable CM7 from the root/hacks area. That rom seems better to me (flash the latest Redux kernel after installing the rom