Quick question regarding extended batteries

Apr 10, 2012
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Received one yesterday, instructions said to charge for 12 hours then discharge. But the battery charged fully in about 3 or 4 hours or so

So I decided I would just take it off at 6hours, because I was confused as to whether they actually mean the battery would take 12 hours to charge initially or if in supposed to just keep it in the charger for 12 hours

Anyway, just a quick question to verify, am I supposed to keep the phone on the charger for 12 hours even though it's fully charged after 3,then full discharge regardless of for 5 cycles or like how is this supposed to work?

Like I read the instructions but just to clarify because in the instructions it said something regarding the HTC evo and some other phones fully registering 100% at only 1500mah of charge

So basically my question is, am I supposed to just leave it on the charger, even though it's already fully charged after just a few hours, for the next 4 cycles? I just don't like understand how this thing works really, and I've searched everywhere and don't really get it yet

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