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Nov 30, 2010
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if i have clockwork how can i deleted it and go to TWRP recovery

Its very simple...

1. Take the attached PG86IMG.zip file and place it on root of SD card. Its twrp 1.0.3. If you are using hboot 1.5 then take the PG86IMG-hboot1.5 file and rename it to PG86IMG.zip put that on the root of SDCard instead of the other PG86IMG.zip
2. Pull battery from phone and wait 10 seconds then put battery back in.
3. Hold Volume Down and then press the power button while holding volume down. This will bring you into hboot.
4. It will scan the SD card and ask if you want to update the recovery. Select yes then reboot when prompted.
5. Remove thePG86IMG from root fo SD card.
6. Press Thanks and Like on this post and you are all done!
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