Quick thoughts on the Honor 5X I won here


Aug 19, 2016
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Hello to all,

So I just now had an opportunity to open up and start setting up my 5X. This is really an impressive phone for the going retail value I must say. It seems smooth and seamless much like my Honor 8. This will be my back up phone to my second number I have. The resolution is crisp and sharp. Sound is very loud. In fact I'm about to download my Amazon Prime Movie App and finish watching Captain America Winter Soldier on the 5X in a few minutes. I want to test out the resolution in more detail. So far I'm quite impressed. I have had my eye on the Huawei Mate 9 but I very well may just stick with this one as my larger phone. I will test this device out over the next couple days and report back with more of an extensive personal thought review. How do you guys and gals like yours? Any tips I should keep in mind or any major flaws any of you have found? I want to personally thank James and Paul of Android Central for choosing me to send such a nice gift. I have enjoyed being a part of the forum and I cannot thank those two guys enough. I had no idea that there was some type of incentive contest going on and out of nowhere I receive an email from them saying I won this phone. I fill like I won a lottery without knowing I entered to win lol. Great community here. I hope to report back some great things about this device. I do know its not my Honor 8 but I will say that I keep three devices, two phones and a tablet. Im proud to say that all three are Huawei Honor. My tablet I just got which is the MediaPad 3 and its absolutely awesome. Just as every bit as good as the iPad pro 9.7 I owned three different times. Keep a watch out over the next two years as Huawei Honor once a mainstay here in the US is going to blow the roof off android and will be one if the top two or three flagship companies. They make an excellent product even down to their budget friendly devices such as the 5X!

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