QuickLink: simple but useful app


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Dec 22, 2012
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I suggest this app for your device: QuickLink
With QuickLink you can make a list of shortcuts to:

- contacts
- documents files (i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Pdf)
- media files (i.e. images, photos, audios, videos)
- web addresses

So you have a personal list of shortcuts to your most frequently used items and then you can quickly make a call or send a sms message to a contact, open a document, watch photos, images, videos, listen a music track, open a web site without, for example, having to search in the address book or in the gallery of photos / videos or in the browser's bookmarks.


- add new shortcuts
- update/delete existing shortcuts
- filter by type and bookmarks
- import link by applications who shared the element (i.e. a photo/video by the gallery, web address by the browser, documents path by a file manager, etc)
- file system browsing
- sortable list
- "slide to the left" on a list item to open filter menu
- "slide to the right" on a contact item type to send a sms message instead to make a call

This app is available on the Play Store.