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Dec 9, 2009
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Welcome to the Bionic Forums!

Whether you're new to Android, switching devices, or wondering where you can quickly find the information you're looking for, here are some links to get you started:


  • If you haven't done so already, head on over here, and introduce yourself to the AC community.
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Getting Started

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  • Articles, FAQ's, and tutorials may use words you've never heard before. We've assembled an Android Dictionary to reference as you charter unfamiliar territory.
  • Looking for some specific Android Tips & Tricks? The Android Central front page has just what you're looking for.

Switching Platforms

  • Parting ways with Blackberry and joining the Android revolution? Here's a must read blog article to help familiarize and educate yourself with the differences between the two operating systems.
  • We also have those of you switching over from webOS covered as well. Take a look at this head to head comparison of one of the top selling Android devices to date, the HTC EVO against the Palm Pre. Two Palm Pre guys share their assessments of how each phone stacks up against the other. Definitely an interesting read!
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Android Applications

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Personalizing Your Bionic

  • Spice up and personalize your Bionic with Wallpapers, Themes, and Ringtones by visiting this forum.
  • Wondering what all this talk is about Rooting? Check out this really cool article to help you understand what it is, and if it's right for you. Then dig a little deeper into the Bionic Roots, ROM's, and Hacks subforum to get started customizing.

Have Some Fun

  • Who doesn't love to speculate and chat about device rumors? Check out this very active forum where you can join in on the fun.
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Stay Informed

Thanks for being part of the forums and I hope you found these pointers to be helpful!


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Mar 6, 2011
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As a good suggestion I figured I would start a FAQ for Bionic and VZW questions that have been popping up in the Bionic Threads. We can add to it with new information so that folks can have a centralized place to look for information.

Question 1: Did we loose 2 year pricing?

Answer: NE2 has been nixed after this last one that was offered. The 2 year pricing remains on phones.

Question 2: Am I grandfathered into Unlimited data??

Answer: If you were a current subscriber to Unlimited Smartphone data (Blackberry, Android, Windows) prior to 7/7/2011 you are grandfathered into unlimited data. If you were on a feature phone after this date you would be subject to tiered pricing. Uprading your phone will not change this since it is a feature, not a contract item.

Question 3: How many delays have there been for Bionic?

Answer: There has been 1 official delay for bionic. The original rendition of Bionic which was code named "Etna" was in the middle of its development cycle when it met some sort of technical issue (not fully disclosed) and the project had to be scrapped. Motorola then decided to accelerate its project code named "Targa" to fill the void that was to be the phone Bionic but in doing so delayed a pre-summer release.

Question 4: Are there any confirmed Specs/Features?

.Answer: So far as of this edit on 8/23/11, 4.3" qHD screen, 1Ghz Dual Core TI OMAP, 1GB DDR2 LP Ram, VGA Front Facing camera, 8MP Rear camera/1080P Video recording, Hdmi out, 3 microphones, 16GB internal storage, Multi-colored notification LED, MotoPrint (print to a wifi enabled Printer), Zumocast (Stream music, video, pictures, documents from your home/work PC).

Question 5: Will the full 1GB of Ram be available for use or will a portion be permanently slaved to the Webtop?

Answer: There will be a small portion alotted to the OS like all phones but the Webtop will not take away from total available RAM unless docked.

Question 6: What is the price?

Answer: Everything shown at this point is $299 for 2yr pricing. This is not to include any additional NE2 or corporate discounts you may have.

Question 7: Is the 1Ghz the total of both processors or each individually?

Answer: Each core is 1Ghz. At this time not alot of applications can utilize the dual core but once developers get more time with dual core phones you can expect alot of apps utilizing this. Dual core also makes for easier multitasking.

Question 8: Will there be a SD card included?

Answer: The latest information from the leaked Tips and Tricks pamphlet photos shows a 16GB SD Card included making it a total of 32GB. 16GB internal storage and 16GB External storage.

Question 9: Will the Pentile screen be a blessing or a curse?

Answer: Everyone's eyes are different so it is highly encouraged to see the screen for yourself. It is said to be a higher quality than the DX2 and D3 but to get an idea you should check it out if possible or wait for a display model to show up at your store of choice. Either way it is advised to make your own decision since your vision is unique to yourself and not to blindly follow someone elses opinion (no pun intended).

Question 10: Is there a link to the Bionic manual?

Answer: http://www.chevynovaln.com/Bionic/bionic_manual.pdf

Question 11: Can you use Netflix on Bionic?

Answer: Yes. The TI OMAP4 Chips are Netflix ready so the Bionic will be able to utilize this program. There are videos of it in action here in Bworleys thread for his early Bionic aquisition: http://forums.androidcentral.com/droid-bionic/115848-my-bionic.html
Courtesy of Droid life here is the Full spec sheet to include full dimensions at the bottom.


Cory Streater

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Sep 21, 2009
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Cleaning up the stickies a little bit as they were getting a little out of control. If I see a thread with low page views those are the ones that go first.

The info in the first post can also be found in the introductions forum {if you haven't introduced yourself please do :p}.

Trail's info is also really awesome, but now that the phone's been released most -- if not all of this info -- is either known or can be found pretty easily on Verizon's website.


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Mar 6, 2011
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No problem. It was only really pertinent to pre-release when info was slim. Now that its here, there really isn't a point to it.

Thanks Cory

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