Receiving Eris Soon!


Dec 15, 2009
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So, I know for a fact that i am getting the Droid Eris for Christmas from my girlfriend (She REALLY shouldn't leave websites open on my computer) Anyway, Thanks to this forum for helping me make the decision to ask for it in the first place!

However, i do have one question.

If everyone here could pool their resources into a quick "cheat-sheet" for optimizing my phone right out of the box. (i.e. what have you done to help with battery, things to do right out of the box) what would it look like? Because i'm getting it for Christmas i won't be at the VZW store for them to set it up, at since so many people here have struggled with so many different issues (though they all seem to be pretty easily fixed) it would be best, i think, to "ask the experts" if you will.


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Nov 16, 2009
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Me too Home Boiiiii!!! lol i think mines comin in tomorrow or something but yeah there are three stickies in the eris forum go check them out...RIGHT NOW!!!...or else:p
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Nov 24, 2009
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First - set up a Gmail account right NOW (if you don't have one already). Enter your contacts there - if you can export from your current phone and import into Gmail, even better. Same with the Google Calendar. All of these things sync with the Eris, so - you'll have a great head start if you get all that in place before Santa comes!