Reception problems?


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May 14, 2011
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I don't know if the phone reception on this particular model is bad or maybe I got a defective phone.

I had to call Virgin Mobile about it because I had problems with my data. It keeps switching 1x to 3g to 1x and so on....

I thought it was solved but it was not. Than I found out I can not place and receive phone calls so I have to call them again...

Now it's still doing 1x to 3g to 1x and so on...

So I call them again and I thought it been solved but I still have the problem.

Anyone else have this problem before I call them again?


Sep 3, 2011
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While the Triumph's hardware specifications - screen and the processor - are pretty good, the rest of the components radio, gps, camera have been reported to be inferior quality thus bringing down the overall standard of the phone. Though I do not own a Triumph, I am not surprised to hear this. What you are reporting has been reported by many others as well.

I have LG Optimus V right now. I keep getting tempted by the bigger and better screen, two cameras, more powerful processor and ram. But then I hear all these issues and then I decide what I have is a much better option. Though Optimus V is cheaper and has more modest specs and a smaller screen, its 3G reception and gps are far superior when compared to Triumph.

Kale Blossom

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Apr 2, 2012
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I don't have problems with signal where I'm at except for at work (and machine shop so the metals in the air essentially make it a Faraday cage, LOL)but would try to exchange it especially if it's within the 30 days. Also check the sprint coverage map, you could just have crummy reception in general.

I've also heard the triumph has one less band than vm's other Android (dunno if true since my signal is about the same) but that could also be your problem, you might want to get a different phone too, but best of luck!


Jun 8, 2012
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I'm currently at zip 27545 which appears to be a couple of miles from a sprint tower. My recption is averaging 23% cellular signal.

my 3g > 1x > 3g > 1x issues began about two months ago. I've had the phone since november.

I sat on the phone with VM for one hour and twenty minutes today. What they did has not worked. Speedtest avg me at 300 ping, 200kbps and a crap upload. Speed. I've started playing with the PRLs and tomorrow I'm going to find a VM store and test the speeds on their phones against my phone.

I will then do a hard reset before I attempt to return this phone to motorola.

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