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I'm dealing with my ex who is engaging in alienation of our children from me. The court ordered her to allow me to talk with our kids via Skype and she continues to play games with our kids communication with. My lawyer suggested that since my State is a single party consent State to record the Skype calls to show my ex's bad behavior.

The problem I'm running into is that I can't get screen recording to work with the microphone. My initial research found that Google disabled this functionality, but supposedly older version of apps would still work. I installed an older version of AZ Screen Recorder and am running into the same problem, either I start the recording before the Skype call and the person I call can't hear me. Or I start Skype first and then the recording and in that case, the recording does not record the microphone on my end.

Is this something that Google has totally blocked, or is there an older apk for a different screen recorder that I can find and run?

For another couple of days I'll be using my Nexus 6P, my Pixel 2 XL is shipping so I'll be on a new phone by the end of the week.



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Not exactly. The mic can only feed one app at a time, so it feeds either Skype or the recording app.

Get a little pocket-sized recorder and use it to record the conversations. (Digital recordings can be edited as easily as tape recordings, so it doesn't matter whether you get a digital recorder or a tape recorder, although a digital recorder that takes SD cards will probably be a better idea.)

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