[recovery][cwm] lg optimus zip only!!!!


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Dec 26, 2011
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ok everyone, this was not an easy task to accomplish but i have a working recovery system a phone that frankly didnt have one to begin with.

(Read Everything Carefully)
(Failure To Do So May Result In Your Device No Longer Working)
(By Modifying Your Device You Assume Full Responsability For Any Damages Done)


1) Download [hide]Flash Image[/hide]
2) Download [hide]LGL75c_recovery.img[/hide]
3) Download AnyTerminal Emulator from the play store
4) Download your favorite file manager (MUST ALLOW YOU TO REMOUNT THE SYSTEM) i use Root Explorer

Now that you have all of that fun stuff downloaded move the flash_image and LGL75c-recovery.img files to the ROOT of your sdcard.

open up Root Explorer and move flash_image to /system/bin (this is where you have to remount as writable). hit the home button on your phone and open up the Terminal Emulator. type everything exactly as i do, press enter\return after each line!!!

cd /system/bin
chmod 0755 flash_image
flash_image recovery /sdcard/LGL75c_recovery.img

if you get an error start over otherwise if you end up with --> # <-- then your good to go!

Accessing Recovery

to get into recovery mode first make sure the phone is turned off. then you simply hold down the following keys in this order(volume down, home, and power). once you see the "LG" logo you can release the power button but keep holding volume down and home till Recovery loads...

hope you enjoy it



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Jan 29, 2014
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I tried this but when I enter recovery, it says "E:Bad boot message" and then says "recovery" under that, and it won't let me select any options, but it will let me scroll down the list.


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Jan 26, 2016
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i have tried these steps, but i have no system.bin folder in my phone, and i beleive it is rooted, i payed for it to be and there is a bunch of extra foldrs there that werent before. where would it be? this is a mess, the onyl reason i rooted my phone was to get this recovery thing working because my market and gtalk keep crashing so i was going to flash the rom to re install gapps, and i have never done anything like this before and i hope i didnt screw my phone up. any help would be greatly appreciated.