Reloading an email with aa already downloaded attatchment


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Nov 13, 2012
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I need to know if there is a way to reset an email message with an attachment which has already been dowloaded. I only see a reload inbox option but no specific message reload.

Ok so i sent myself an email with a picture attachment from my computer to my Samsung Note 3.

The email did send and I could see the attached picture.
I downloaded it and tried opening it only to find it was corrupt.

With further research I found out it was because I had my email limit set to 50 kb. I raised it to include "All and Attachments".

I tried downloading the attachment again after reloading my inbox and it still did not give me the picture of 117kb. it would only show me the "0kb left to download" so everytime I tap download attachment, it downloads the corrupt version.

After attempting many times I decided to resend the email again since I was under new inbox sync settings. I resent another email with the same image and this time my phone downloaded the image attachment properly and we're all good!

This got me thinking though, I cannot retrieve the attachment from my first email. What if one day I get an important email under bad sync settings and the attachment corrupts again.

PS.does anyone else think being able to download an attachment which will be unusable to the user seems a bit non-user-friendly. A dialog box mentioning it would at least be appreciated. I grew up with technology and am pretty handy with it but was lost on this. At first I thought maybe the file type wasn't supported or that I had sent it wrong from the computer end. I understand that Android is a bit of a tinkerer platform but this would not be great for a segment of the population who "just need things to work". /minirant


Jul 14, 2011
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Hi Jeo,

I get your problem, but have you considered that maybe the e-mail was sent corrupt? The download limit should not truncate attachments. If your attachment is over the limit, it would give you a warning or just not download anything at all.

In any case, clearing data from your e-mail app or removing/re-adding your account should force it to resync, although you do delete any phone-stored messages in the process. Not really what you want on a per-message basis, but it would essentially do what you want, only in bulk. But again, I really don't think the download limit played any part in this.