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Oct 29, 2010
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Hey all, I'm one of the Palm/webOS refugees forced to relocate after HP's still infamous decision to cancel webOS hardware.

I'm starting out with the Motorola Photon as I'm with Sprint, but I'm considering moving to either the Samsung Galaxy S II, the leaked Motorola Admiral, or even the aged, original Epic, each for obviously very different reasons.

I am decidedly unsatisfied with my new phone/OS, but was unsure if it was Google's or Motorola's fault. While Motoblur is infinitely uninspiring, I think most of my issue is with the OS, itself. Navigating Android feels like one of those homes on Hoarders; Everything is there, but no one gave much thought to how it should be organized.

Despite my dissatisfaction, I promise I'm not going to be trolling the forums or anything. It's not all bad of course; I'm certainly liking the much larger app market and having a very well specced phone.


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Sep 22, 2011
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I definitely feel your pain, as I just made the switch last week. I have the Epic 4G Touch, and while I like the device and its speed/apps/features, I do find some of the UI (mainly multitasking) to be short on friendliness. While I have only played with motoblur, I wonder if you would enjoy TouchWiz better (obviously, on the Epic models that youre considering). Remember that Sprint recently reduced the trial period to 15 days, so if you were affected by that then dont wait too long to change your mind.

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