Resource Files for Apps without Google Play Services?

Arin Luna

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Nov 24, 2014
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I am a content coordinator for a company, in which I am here trying to find a way around one of our constant problems in bringing games to our clients. We use our own OS rather then google, to add appropriate restrictions. With no Google Play Services installed on our tablets, we run into the same problem more and more often as it is quickly becoming more common in Game Apps on the Google Play Store. While we have a good selection of Free Titles already, our library is slowly having less and less to add. Because of Games that require Resource Files in order to run, being that we don't have Google Play Services on the tablets we provide our clients.

I am posting this because I am trying to find a way to download resource files for the games we are trying to add for our clients, using an alternative process. We are unable to add Google Play Services to our clients Tablets.