Return of the King - King Arthur


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Nov 26, 2013
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After being the top free game in App store for months, King Arthur marches to the new world now with the perfect experience of fighting.
King Arthur is based on the story of King Arthur and Knights of the Round Table. After released, it has won lots of mobile game prizes and created many breakthroughs in FTG&RPG mobile game history. Why King Arthur makes so many achievements in short time? Let?s have a look now.
Virtual Joystick& Skill Buttons, perfect operation experience!
Developed based on the newestUnity 3D technology, King Arthuradopts Virtual Joystick operation mode, which offer full fighting games experience!You can get exciting experience of fighting game on mobile device as well as in arcade!
Incomparable sense of fighting!
Three powerful careers including knight, wizard and assassin, all are born with incredible skills. Vibrating, retreating and pausing feedback system whenstrikingproducessupreme hit feelings. Spirit of fighting games is presented excellently!
Multiplayer PVE & real time PVP, engaged in the fiercest battles!
Multiplayer PVE gameplay pioneers in mobile game history. Breathing real time PVP test your marvelousoperating skills. Endless online fights build the Arena butcher! The fighter who is not intended to be the King Fighter is not a good fighter!
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