[REVIEW] Anker SoundCore Pro+ (25W) Bluetooth Speaker

Adam Matlock

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Jul 24, 2015
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Sometimes in life we find ourselves asking “if” we can do something, rather than thinking if we “should” do it… well, in this case the answer to both of those questions is a resounding yes! Not only is it resounding, but it’s also resonant, super loud, chock-full o’bass, and has four power-packed drivers that deliver 25W of sheer listening enjoyment. Say hello to the latest, greatest, and best Bluetooth speaker that Anker has to offer, the SoundCore Pro+.

Overview: The sound quality on this baby is excellent. As far as portable speakers go, this is definitely one of the loudest that I’ve encountered. I’ve tested out a few others in their native retail environment before and have a pretty good feel for what the competition has to offer, but nothing I have checked out in the past has come close to the output that this speaker has to offer, much less in the sub-$100 range. For the same level of power, volume, or quality that the SoundCore Pro+ cranks out, you’re definitely going to have to shell out even more money to reach into some of the upper-tier brackets, which don’t come cheap.


Sound Quality and Performance: The individual metrics on this baby are solid across the board. The bass has depth and carries far and low. The mids - especially the vocals - are rich, full, and don’t get lost in the spectrum shuffle. The highs are fairly crisp but not overly tinny, and don’t fade into the background when you turn up the volume. One of the selling points that Anker incorporated into this one this is its brand new BassUp ™ technology, which helps deliver the added boom and depth on the lower end of the sound spectrum. By integrating the two larger drivers into the four speaker setup and adding some careful optimization, it really pumps out solid bass, both in depth and “thump”, as one would generally call it – it’s quite remarkable for such a small, portable speaker. One of the biggest complaints that I have when it comes to audio accessories is that they usually hammer a couple of features home well, but other areas suffer. Either the volume doesn’t go high enough, the bass is underrepresented, the highs are drowned out, etc… However, I am happy to report that even when pushed to the limit of my 80s rock and a little bit of Elton John and Linkin Park, the sound quality rings true across the various genres of my musical preferences. I’m not usually a numbers guy, but this speaker cranks out 25W (Watts) of power, spread across four speakers. There are two smaller speakers on the ends, and the two middle speakers are slightly larger – this really helps out the sound quality by creating a full and balanced sound instead of trying to force the entire spectrum out of one or two speakers. If I had to complain about one thing, it would be that some of the power seems to diminish slightly when the full ability of the speaker is tested. What do I mean by this? Well, when the music isn’t too “busy”, the full range of music sounds balanced and powerful. But when you get into some more dynamic music that has a full compliment of sounds, vocals and instruments, some of the areas seem to fade ever so slightly when pushing at full force. Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing, but I’m a bit of an audiophile and I pay really close attention to my music when it’s playing. I also happen to be hypercritical of pretty much everything, so that factors in as well. Also, when I say it diminishes slightly, I’m talking about maybe a 5-7% reduction in power behind certain aspects of the music; e.g., when the bass is really kicking as the music builds up, some of the mids or highs may fall fractionally as the volume balances out between the sound mixture. This also varies based on the music quality as well, and is less noticeable at 192-320kbps audio or better. Overall, I’d still rate the speaker a 9.25 on a 10 point scale.


Functionality: The speaker is super simple and straightforward. In fact, it’s probably the easiest speaker I’ve ever used in my life. Right out of the box you will notice the five buttons on top (power, volume up, volume down, play, and Bluetooth). The Bluetooth button is easy to use. All you have to do is press and hold it until it begins flashing. If you already have your Bluetooth menu open on your phone then you can simply click on the “PowerCore Pro” device on your screen and it syncs in no time flat. Once the speaker is connected, it’s time for easy listening and having fun cranking up the volume – it’s even ready for phone calls with the built-in microphone, which allows you to use it as a giant speakerphone! In addition to ease-of-use, the additional functionality is great. If you’re not a Bluetooth kind of guy or gal, you can connect the speaker to any device that supports the 3.5mm headphone jack, and to utilize the speaker with an auxiliary cord. One other cool feature is the built-in USB output port. If you’re familiar with Anker and their other products, then you’re probably aware that they make power banks and other various charging products; well, the SoundCore Pro+ is no different. The SoundCore Pro+’s USB port allows you to use the speaker as a charger for your other devices. So, not only does it have an amazing 18hr battery life, but you can also tether your phone or other USB powered device for a top-up while you’re hanging out by the pool, or BBQ’ing some delicious food. Not too shabby, eh? Finally, the SoundCore Pro+ is also IPX4 water resistant, which means that you can take your speaker outside without a worry when it comes to accidental splashes by the pool, a spill of your drink, or a spontaneous afternoon shower. The SoundCore Pro+ is built for indoors and outdoors, and will keep your music playing through many of life’s aquatic hazards.


Additional Features and Specs:

- Rated at “up to” 18 hours of playtime.
- IPX4 rating, which means you’re protected from spills, splashes and rain!
- Fully charges in 4-6 hours (It’s got a whopping 8,000mAh battery)
- Built-in microphone for phone calls – seriously, this is cool
- Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity with a 66ft listening range
- You can connect your device VIA NFC, which is fantastic
- Comes with a decent length charging cable but not charging base.


Conclusion: The Anker SoundCore Pro+ is a real titan when it comes to the amount of power and quality you get for your dollar. I wouldn’t put it in the same tier as the upper-end Bose speakers or an expensive Sonos speaker, but when you look at the volume, depth, clarity and the Energizer bunny of a battery that this guy has for a cool $89.99, it’s hard to batt too many lashes at it when you’re trying to decide whether it’s worth picking one up. I have been pushing this speaker to the max since I bought it and I’m thoroughly impressed. Even after listening to it for hours on end, the performance doesn’t degrade with battery life either. To me, it’s a winning combination and checks every box that I need in a Bluetooth speaker, and I give it a strong recommendation.

If you’re interested in picking up one of these portable powerhouses, you can check them out on Anker’s website or on Amazon: https://bit.ly/2ucK2IQ https://amzn.to/2NKEZro – they are currently priced at $89.99. The SoundCore Pro+ only comes in one color: Black.
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