[review] iStabilizer Flex tripod mount

Kevin OQuinn

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May 17, 2010
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Hey guys. I picked one of these up about a week or so ago and have been using it on and off getting some impressions. I wanted to share those with you here. First, HERE'S the mount. It has a nice, high-quality feel and seems very well built. I have no doubt that it will survive normal daily use.

The mount is a spring-loaded, and padded, metal arm that holds your phone in place for taking steady pictures and videos. The clamp attaches to a standard thread mount, so this will also work with your digital camera or camcorder. I would trust it with a heavy DSLR, but it was plenty strong enough to hold up my little point and shoot.

I tested it using the HTC One. I found it was very useful for taking video, especially since you don't have to worry about camera shake or holding the device. Sure, you can do that with any tripod, but what makes this one special? It has flexible legs and can be places in areas and on surfaces that a standard tripod just can't handle. Whether it's not level or curvy, this will do the trick. It's like a Gorillapod in that respect, if you're familiar at all with those.

Here are some pictures of it "in action":


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