Review: Mujjo Wallet Case for the Samsung Galaxy S9+


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Jun 13, 2013
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If you are looking for that one case that continues to excel in its craftsmanship, design, and ease of use, then look no further than the Mujjo wallet case. Mujjo builds outstanding leather wallet cases, mostly for the iPhone. However, they now offer their wallet case for the Samsung Galaxy S9+ as well. I have been using the wallet case with my S9+ for over a month now and this is the review of the Mujjo wallet case for Samsung Galaxy S9+. I traveled with this case on my recent vacation and thoroughly enjoyed its lightweight form-fitting design which made it easier to hold, operate and carry around places!


Mujjo wallet case is a premium quality full-grain leather case that has a card pocket to hold your cards. I quite like the simple yet elegant packaging. Its hard to see manufacturers put such effort to build great packaging for the cases these days and Mujjo clearly stands out with the flip and slide to open design.


The wallet case is very light. In fact, its lighter than the iPhone X wallet case. I chose the black color this time for the S9+ while I have the wonderful Olive color for my iPhone X. While the exterior is crafted with fine leather, the interior is lined with luxurious Japanese micro-fiber with a sophisticated satin-like finish. I could not ask for more luxury for this beautiful phone.


To install the case, just slide in your phone to the left and then press on the right bottom and top corners to secure your phone inside the case. If you like your S9+ naked (which I don't blame you if you do!), then you will absolutely love the phone with this Mujjo wallet case as well. Due to the light weight and fitting design, this wallet case fits very well with the S9+'s design. I have used several cases for the S9+ now and nothing has come closer to the look and feel of this Mujjo wallet case's fit and finish.


The side buttons and the bottom ports are exposed with no option to cover it up. The wallet case is in no way built to provide drop protection but can handle small accidental drops. That said, I wouldn't depend on it and would probably recommend installing a screen protector to protect your display.

With its raised lips, 1 mm to be exact, it does offer some protection from the surface when you lay your phone face down or from those accidental drops.


Lets talk about the key feature of this wallet case - the card pocket in the back to hold your cards. The card pocket is large enough to hold up to 2 cards. The design of the card pocket is well thought out by Mujjo. It makes it easier to access the cards quickly, slide them out and slide them in at ease.


The only flaw I found in S9+ (but not in the iPhone X wallet case) is that the card holder, with some NFC enabled cards and pay terminals, conflicted with Samsung Pay. During those times I had to remove the card and then use Samsung Pay. I ended up not keeping those cards in the case. Same goes for the wireless charging as well.

Overall, if you are looking for a simple, elegant and stylish leather case that doesn't take away but add more beauty to your phone, then Mujjo wallet case is the one you are looking for. Mujjo wallet case is available for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ in Black and Olive variants from their website starting from $48.25 USD:
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