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Sep 23, 2013
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The Otterbox Defender, outta the box it defends.


The Defender case is strong, it’s heavy, it’s robust – and it isn’t ugly. This case gives you the ultimate in phone protection. No part of the phone is exposed. All ports are covered by rubber seals, the camera and fingerprint sensor recedes into the case. The Defender also comes with a built in screen protector so no area is left uncovered.


With a case this thick and heavy, it would have been good if Otterbox threw in a holster of some form, oh wait they did! The phone doesn’t fit easily in the pocket and it’s heavy - it might also cause you to increase the notch on your belt to avoid any embarrassing moments, but who cares – if you buy this case you’re prepared for the weight.


The case is more or less all rubber; with the only exceptions being the cut outs for the camera lens and fingerprint sensor, those are a shiny black plastic.

On a personal note; I wasn’t a fan of the screen protector; it’s thick and picks up smudges easily. I also found it quite challenging typing on the phone as you need to press slightly harder on the screen for it to register. After a day of use though, my brain managed to remember to ‘press harder’

Buttons! The buttons are very easy to press – considering how thick and heavy this case is, I was expecting the buttons to be stiff, but they’re far from it.

Port cut outs, they’re excellent! They line up perfectly with the phone.

This case is ideal for all types of users. I’m a father to a one year old, I work in an office and I go to the gym regularly;

• My Son enjoys seeing if the phone bounces (if he gets his hands on it)
• It doesn’t usually come into too much activity in the office, unless I drop it accidentally which I’ve did
• In the gym, it’s fallen out of my pocket a few times without leaving a mark.


Word of warning, read the instructions on how to set the case up people! If you’re like me and rip open the box, dying to get the case on, take a breather and read what you need to do to open the damn thing. Trust me, I spent a good 10 minutes with a spoon trying to prise open the case, only to realise I had to peal back the rubber outer layer first.

With this being an Otterbox Defender case, it comes with drop protection, dust protection, scratch protection as well as a 1 year warranty. If you drop your phone, or plan on keeping it in the best shape possible then this case is for you.


The Tall Guy!

Check out the range here - Pixel XL Cases & Covers from OtterBox | OtterBox


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Jan 29, 2011
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Was thinking about getting this, My Original Pixel XL, I dropped it and had a decently tough case on it. I don't know if it is the case, but the vibration stopped working. It was like the motor for the vibrate just died. I don't know if that had to do with dropping it. If that were to be the culprit though ( or if anyone things that def is the reason why it broke). I might actually get this case, especially the one in Blue and grey.

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