[REVIEW] Ringke Air Case LG G7 ThinQ

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Jul 24, 2015
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Ringke is one of the long tenured manufacturers that I’ve been reviewing cases for, for quite a while, and it didn’t surprise me in the least when I found out that they made many of their classic lineup of cases for the LG G7 ThinQ. Ringke makes quality cases for a wide variety of devices, ranging from protective, stylish, and even minimalistic. On top of all of that, one of their greatest features is the minimal impact on your wallet. Today, I’m here to talk about the Ringke Air case.


The Look: The Ringke Air case is a staple of Ringke’s case line-up for just about every device, and for good reason. It’s sleek, it’s inexpensive, and it allows you to show off your fancy looking device. I have been an advocate for thin-style TPU cases for a long time because they are one of the few case options that allow you to keep your phone protected, without having to compromise on the overall look and form factor of your device. Arguably, phones are the best looking that they have ever been. Many phones have moved to glass backs, reflective mirror coatings and various other gorgeous colors, but they’re also super expensive, which means we need to keep them protected. However, that doesn’t always have to be at the expense of covering up our phones. The Air case is one such option that will cover your case in protective goodness and let you show off the gorgeous colors and design of your phone; and the LG G7 is one sharp-looking device! If you want to change things up a little bit, the RIngke Air case comes in a few different colors: Clear, Smoke Black, and Orchid Purple – all depicted in the pictures.


The Feel: The molded TPU material feels good on the phone. Even though it’s lightweight and thin, it’s not overly flimsy and it snaps solidly onto the phone. It doesn’t really have any give or play around the edges that would indicate that it might slip off. In fact, the tight fit is one of the features that Ringke markets for this case. It snaps on and hugs the phone securely, which is a plus in a thin-style case. The entire case is one uniform piece of TPU, so grip and texture are consistent throughout. It’s not texturized for grip, but it’s not particularly slick. The buttons work really well and have plenty of snap, which is also nice. Some case button covers are kind of spongy and require a lot of finger pressure to active; not the Air case! Finally, the cutouts are smooth and don’t dig into your fingers when you’re using the phone for long durations of time. Some cases can have rough corners or cutouts for speaker ports, USB-C openings, etc…, which will eat away at your fingers during long sessions. Well, I’m happy to report that the Air case is comfortable and holds up well on those long binge sessions!


Security: Thin-style cases aren’t usually known for remarkable security features, but Ringke managed to get the MIL-STD drop protection rating on these guys, which is definitely remarkable. It’s not rated for a certain amount of feet – which we see with many cases – but it does carry a minimum level of drop protection, which will protect your phone from minor slips, bumps, and falls. The bezel around the screen is also slightly enlarged so that it keeps your phone screen safe when you place it face-down on flat, clean surfaces. The cutouts on the back for the fingerprint sensor and camera are also recessed, which keeps them safe when you set the phone down as well. One other nifty feature of the Air case is that it has the lanyard loop cutout on the bottom part of the bumper so you can toss one of Ringke's wrist-strap lanyards on it for extra protection and carrying convenience! The Ringke Air case definitely won’t protect you from 10ft drops, but it will keep your phone safe from life’s little incidents that would otherwise scuff or scratch up your device. The Ringke Air case has security and protection where it matters the most, which is freeing you from worrying about scuffing up your phone during day-to-day activities.


- It's lightweight and minimalistic
- The TPU molding is see-through and lets you showcase your device
- It's inexpensive
- The quality and construction are fantastic for the price

- It's not overly protective
- Clear TPU cases tend to discolor over time
- The case is tight-fitting now, but not sure how it will hold up down the road
- The lanyard strap doesn't come with it

Conclusion: I give the Ringke Air case a solid recommend. I am a huge fan of minimalistic style cases, especially when I can show off my phone – which is exactly what this case is/allows you to do. It has just enough protection that I can carry my phone around with confidence, but I don’t have to compromise on the form factor of my G7 or worry about scuffing it up. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about scuffing up your pocketbook to get one of these guys. At the low price of $9.99, I have no problem whatsoever recommending it.

If you’re interested in picking up a Ringke Air case for your LG G7 ThinQ, you can find them over at Amazon for the low price of $9.99, and they also qualify for Amazon Prime 2-day shipping - https://amzn.to/2NQ9co3- As always, if you have any questions or comments, please leave them down in the comments section.
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Mar 26, 2014
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Been using the smoked one on the Tmobile raspberry colored G7 for over a month and it's been great. Survived several drops on tile, right on the corners but no problems. I also like that it fits tight so junk isn't slipping in under the case, making it look gross.
Great case for those who want minimal bulk, but at least some degree of drop protection.