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Jun 8, 2010
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Review of Roborock S6 Vacuum

I'm in love with a robot! The following is my review of the [URL="https://www.amazon.com/Roborock-S6-Adaptive-Selective-Cleaning/dp/B07VCQRY4W?ref_=ast_sto_dp&th=1&psc=1%22&tag=hawk-future-20&ascsubtag=UUacUvbUpU6705618]Roborock S6[/URL], robot vacuum. I received my unit from Roborock, but this will be my honest opinion of the device. I will start the unit itself, then cover what I liked about the unit, and then what I did not like. And of course I will give my final verdict. Spoiler alert, I love my robot!

The S6, is a well crafted device. It's made of hard plastic and some metal, and it's quite heavy. In the package is the S6, a charging base, the power supply, and accessories. There are extra filters, a water reservoir for wet cleaning, and several mopping pads. There is also a Roborock app for both iOS and Android. The app works well. Once you get your device "online" you can start it cleaning from anywhere, even far far away, as long as your phone has access to the internet.

As I said I really like this device. The robot is easy to use and cleans well. With the app (once it learns your floor - an easy process), you get a map of your floor and you can set zones of cleaning and avoid areas where you don't want the robot to go. There are several settings for quiet operation, up to max cleaning. The suction is good, and the robot is very good at getting around obstacles and cleaning under things. It's also VERY smart and able to navigate around pets and your feet! I LOVE the edge detection. I used the robot on my second floor besides my steps and it would not go over the edge of my steps. Even starting from what I thought was a clean floor, this thing was still able to find some dust!

What didn't I like? It's heavy, and a bit cumbersome, and this made taking it upstairs a chore. It's not THAT bad, but is of note. Also the dust bucket is a little on the small size, and this unit does not have an auto dust collector base. (although THOSE type units cost more!) The water reservoir is also on the small side and tricky to fill. While the mopping feature is a nice bonus, it doesn't come close to a manual mop and your own elbow grease! lol

Despite those small issues, I really love my robot! I even find myself using it just for fun! It's great for those last minute guests. I turn it on from my office or even from the bus, and my floor is clean by the time I get home! Get this thing! It's available at Amazon and right now there is a 100 dollar off coupon! Click here

TLDR version:

Well crafted
Great mobile app (multiple settings, can start robot from anywhere)
Good navigation (obstacle detection, edge detection, goes under things)
Cleans good

Heavy unit
Small dust bucket and water reservoir
Lacks auto empty feature
Mopping feature just ok (think that AT&T commercial)


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