Ringing at night from certain contacts

Mar 2, 2016
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I wanted to try turning off all the notifications at night, except for certain contacts. I thought that's what Moto Assist's Sleep mode did, but I found out last night, Sleep mode just turns off all notifications at night. So I tried again with Interruptions (Settings | Sound & notification | Interruptions). I have it set to allow Calls and Messages from Starred contacts only, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu from 23:00-08:00 next day. It says at the bottom Interruptions allowed: Priority Only.

No one called last night after 23:00, so I'm not sure this is working, but the thing that's weird is that it's after 08:00 and up top in the notification area where the bell should be for my ring-tone, there's a star and when I pull down, it says "Priority interruptions only Tap to change interruptions mode". That makes me think it didn't turn off at 08:00 like it was supposed to. When I tap, it just takes me back to the same Interruptions settings screen and I'd have to unset everything I already set (there's no toggle on/off).

Does this setting not do what I think it does? If it does, why is it still in Interruptions mode? Is there any native way to do this on the T2?

Mar 2, 2016
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Okay, well, minor update, I managed to turn it "off" by hitting the volume rocker switch and tapping the bell/All instead of the star/Priority. But now the curious question is: will it turn back on at 23:00? And then will it turn back off at 08:00 or will I have to toggle it off and on every day?


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Dec 4, 2012
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The downside for me is, people don't really call/text me anymore. So it's difficult to test. To make sure everything is set up correctly here are Google's instructions for the Nexus: https://support.google.com/nexus/answer/6111295?hl=en

I'm curious if Tasker can help out here. I don't think Tasker is allowed to mess with DND/Interruptions, but it may be able to trigger a sound from direct contacts, during the DND time.

Something else is I think 6.0 fixed some DND issues.


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Jan 3, 2010
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As far as I know, Moto Assist sleep mode only allows phone calls from favorite contacts (or, optionally, somebody who calls twice in succession), not any other type of notification. (It may also work with text messages - I can't recall. But it doesn't affect other types of notifications, like email, gmail, facebook messenger, etc.) Also, since Moto Assist sleep mode is reportedly going away with the upcoming Marshmallow update, I think that you are better off with the Android settings that you are using now.

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