[ROM] ACE ROM v2.0 (No Further EC05 Development)

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Nov 25, 2010
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(Android Central Epic)


New Wallpaper by Android Central Adviser Cyber Warrior

Brought to you by, Paul627g
An Android Central "In House Exclusive"​

[note]:: Update 5/17/11 ::

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that pushed me into updating ACE ROM to EC05. It has been a fun run and it looks like I was able to once again provide you with a stable ROM as a daily driver. In the process it looks like many of you learned a lot along the way on working with ROMs/kernels & themes and everyone provided so much help and support for one another. That alone makes me happy that on top of providing a ROM it also provided some skills to many. Unfortunately I have dedicated to put EC05 or Froyo in general to rest. I'm running Gingerbread and loving it and can't wait to see the official build come out so everyone can get started on some cool fresh Gingerbread ROMs. As always I will continue to provide support on ACE ROM and everything else, so don't feel like I'm leaving anyone hanging out to dry. Thanks again... Paul

:: Update 4/26/11 ::

I added an optional battery meter mod for you to download and flash. See 2nd post under Troubleshoots/Patches. I may
have the custom boot animation available soon, still working on tweaking it. I think the kernels are limiting the amount of time that it can be displayed so that is causing me a problem. Otherwise thank you to the many users that have been helping out with troubleshooting in the thread, it helps me outmore than you realize...

:: Update 4/25/11 ::

We now have a great installation tutorial video, thanks to qbking77.Video link is located down further in the installation section along with the ROM download link. He has done many other tutorial videos lately and he did one for ACE ROM to help anyone out with installation of the ROM. Thanks again qbking77!

:: Update: 4/23/11 ::

ACE ROM v2.0 " journaling enabled " version is now available! Unfortunately I didn't get to included the new custom boot
animation as I had hoped. I need more time to work out the settings for the boot animation so it will display as intended.
I will continue to work on the " no journaling " version to resolve the bug issue. Otherwise enjoy the ROM and leave
all problems/complaints in the front office... [/note]

- EC05 based.
- CIQ Removal (k0nane)
- TWS Bug Fix (mkasick)
- Bloat Removed
- ASOP Lockscreen
- Launcher Pro
- Full Battery Pop up removed. (amosher13)
- AM/PM removed from time in status bar (amosher13)
- Reboot Mod added to shutdown (mysteryemotionz)
- Modded Camera/Video/Music Player apps have 20% battery cut off removed. (k0nane)
- Twilight Zone v1.1.0 kernel at normal speed/settings for the best battery (tanimn)
- GI9000 Fingerprint to show all Market apps
- Stock theme, with minor changes by me and 1% battery mod added (ptfdmedic)
- New Wallpapers by Android Central Adviser Cyber Warrior.
- Wallpapers located on " /sdcard/ACE Wallpapers "
- Ad Blocking Host File baked into ROM. (Word with Friends has been removed from host file to make playable :) :) :) )

Other things I'm still working on:

- No journaling version.
- New custom made boot animation (needs to be tweaked a bit)

That is the main goodies, as in previous ACE fashion I'm giving you a generously modded ROM. I'm not a great themer like the pros at XDA so don't expect any spectacular theme because you won't find it. You want a fancy theme, we provide many themes to choose from here in our INDEX sticky. Benchmarks, I don't believe in them.

Also you may have noticed I brought in Android Central Adviser Cyber Warrior. He has some awesome graphic talents and like previous ACE ROM versions I like to keep things as much "In House" as before so Cyber Warrior fits the bill perfectly. You can find more of his awesome work in his wallpaper threads. Just look for threads with Cyber Warrior as OP, he has quite a few :)

I need to throw out a big thanks to k0nane of ACS/Syndicate ROM for providing me awhile back with a deodexed copy of EC05 completely stock so I could build this ROM. Along the way he has provided me with answers to questions I had. I also need to thank the rest of you, the users for supporting me and begging me to update this to Froyo EC05.[/info]
[tip]Installation Instructions:

Download Link : ACE ROM v2.0 - Journaling Enabled
Download Link : ACE ROM v2.0 - No Journaling (Bugs still be worked on)

ACE ROM v2.0 Installation You Tube Video by qbking77 | Misc. other tutorial video's by qbking77

Wipe everything 3x in CWM before you flash.

Option #1 - Froyo EC05/EXT4 conversion to run this ROM.

Option #2 - Froyo EB13/EXT4 conversion with EC05 modem (Flash in CWM 3.x.x.x first then flash the ROM)

- If all else fails, Odin back to stock Froyo EB13 then use Option #2 or update to Froyo EC05 and use Option #1

- Kernels, this comes prepackaged with Twilight Zone v1.1.0 kernel. Its very reliable for most, some have issues. You can find a complete list of all the kernels available up to date which should all be compatible with ACE ROM v2.0

NOTE: This ROM doesn't have root built into it, so if you notice you lost root access after flashing a different kernel you will have to run the EXT4 conversion to re-establish root.

Troubleshooting/Patches: Will be located in the second post of this thread as before.

:: ACE ROM v1.7 Based on Froyo EB13 ::


Image by scodoublet


Image by scodoublet

Features Froyo EB13:

- Built on Froyo EB13 deodexed - Dameon87
- ClockWorkMod v3.0.0.6/EXT4 compliant - Dameon87
- AMLauncher - Ahmgsk
- Removed most bloatware and clutter
- ASOP Lockscreen - amosher13
- Added a 1% battery mod (a454nova) to the framework
- Ad Blocking Host File Baked in - Ragnarokx
- Full Battery Pop Up Kill - amosher13
- Installed extras Astro, MyBackup, Spare Parts
- Custom Wallpapers by Android Central member scodoublet

Change Log v1.7 (3/3/11)

- Google Search added back into ROM
- Call Log fix added, no more txt showing.
- Show All Market Apps
- Updated Host File for Ad Blocking
- Added New Wallpaper to AMLauncher
- Added "SD CARD" ACE ROM extras (See post #2 below)
- Genocide v.03a Kernel now standard (Credit Rodderik/Team Viper) See post #2
- Recolored the status bar/changed notification screen & pull down bar
- New custom boot animation

Change Log v1.6 (2/27/11)

- Voice Dialer Fix - Dameon87
- Added Custom Boot Animation - a454nova
- Removed Startup Sound
- Fixed Battery 80% stock battery image mistake
- Changed "Internet" to "Browser" like it should be
- Removed stock bookmarks from Browser and added custom links
- Left out Wireless Tether app, to eliminate any problems with versions not properly working. Project Google Wireless Tether downloads
- Changed build.prop to reflect version update[/info]

[tip]Installation Instructions:

You need to be either using CWM3.0.0.6/EXT4 or upgrade to it, to flash this ROM

Download Link : ACE ROM v1.7
Download Link : ACE ROM v1.6
Download Link : ACE ROM Beta v1.0

See post #2 for restores/updates/fixes/troubleshooting

Accessing CWM :

To access ClockWorkMod (CWM) you must use the 3-finger boot (Volume Down+Camera+Power). Currently the redirector is not working properly to support apps like Reboot Manager or Quickboot.[/tip]
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Nov 25, 2010
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Restores, Flashables, Special Instructions.

:: Rotation Lag Fix ::
(All versions)

Download Terminal Emulator from the Market

Type the following

su (press enter and allow root access) km

/system/bin/sensorcalibutil_yamaha (press enter)

Then it will ask for you to calibrate. I usually lay mine flat on its back with keyboard open and then press enter. Back out of program and power off the screen then wake the phone up. Lag rotation fixed.

Known bugs:

Kernel not flashing during installation of ACE ROM v2.0 (FIXED) : A mistake was made in the installation script and the kernel is not flashing as it should. Please download the Twilight Zone kernel or your kernel of choice and flash it before leaving CWM and rebooting the system.

PRL/Profile Updating: This has been a problem leading back to Eclair 2.1 (DI18) for stock and custom ROMs. It affects some and not others. You can go to the following link to update manually if need be.
[HOW TO] Update your PRL manually (EPIC 4G) - xda developers

Troubleshooting/Patches for ACE ROM v2.0

- Google Maps/Google Navigator (One package) This is not included in the ROM, download it from the Market.
- Spare Parts This can be downloaded from the Market. Use it to tweak the window transistion speeds & other settings.
- Voodoo Control Support for this app is included in the Twilight Zone kernel. Download from the Market
- Launcher Pro Those of you not familar with LP, it has a lot of customizable options. From your homescreen long press Menu and select Preferences. You can customize your homescreens, dock layout, speeds of app drawer open/closure and so much more.

- ACE ROM v2.0 Custom Bootanimation (Flash in CWM)
- ACE ROM v2.0 Theme w/stock battery meter w/1 % readings (Flash in CWM) | Preview
:: Running List of Future Changes/Updates ::
ACE ROM v2.0

- Resolve custom boot animation (Getting close to having something...)
- Change shutdown animation/remove sound
- Optional battery mods/custom themed frameworks

:: Restores and updates for Froyo EB13 versions only ::

ACE Themed Wallpaper & Status/Notification Bar w/stock battery meter w/1% gauge | Peview (Flash in CWM
Black Theme Status Bar w/stock battery meter w/percentage | Preview 1 | Preview 2 (Flash in CWM
Black Theme Status Bar/Notification Bar | Preview 1 | Preview 2 (Flash in CWM
Sprint/Samsung Apps & included ES File Explorer See below for more information
LogsProvider.apk (Flash in CWM3) This removes text msgs from the Call Log
Restore Google GTalk (Flash in CWM
Restore Google Search (Flash in CWM
Stock Theme with Battery Meter | Preview (Flash in CWM
Stock EB13 Dual Filesystem [EXT4/RFS] Kernel (Credit Dameon87 - xda developers) (Flash in CWM
Restore Memo (Flash in CWM3)

ACE ROM extras (v1.7 only):
/sdcard/ACE ROM extras (Look on your sd card with Astro or other pgm for ACE ROM extras folder. All can be flashed in CWM)

Custom Boot Animations located on /sdcard/ACE ROM extras/:

Double Sided Rotating Android Coin (ACE ROM v1.7 boot animation)
Droid Eye (Credit a454nova)
Android Swirl
Honeycomb Boot

Custom Key Remappings located on /sdcard/ACE ROM extras/ :

Made by Ragnarokx

Remapping of emoticon to "@" and soft press only camera keys
Remapping of camera button to music play-pause-skip
Remapping of emoticon to "@" and camera to music play-pause-skip
Remapping of emoticon to "@"
Restore stock key mappings (reverts any changes made)

Genocide Kernel Information:

All information pertaining to the kernel can be found at the developers site below. You can also download the recommended SetCPU from the developers site.
Genocide 1.2GhzOC EB13 Kernel v0.3a - xda-developers

Sprint/Samsung Apps and ES File Explorer:

This is a zip file which you can download and extract the contents onto your sdcard. It has the Sprint/Samsung apps which were removed to cut out the bloatware and size of the ROM. The file names are almost self explanatory as to what they do so I won't go into detail explaining, if in question just Google the file name. Also inside is a file called "EsstrongsExplorer.apk" this is a handy file utility you can use to move the Samsung apps to "/system/app/" folder. The Sprint apps you just click on them from ES File Explorer or Astro and they will automatically install.

To properly setup ES File Explorer to copy the files to the /system/app folder, do as instructed below. Quote taken from Ragnarokx and TrulyEpic Rebirth Thread.

ragnarokx said:
You need to enable the root explorer feature in ES. Go to: Menu>Settings>Root options and check both boxes. When it asks you which ROM you're on, choose Cyanogen. This will allow you to copy apk files with executible permissions.


Q) Word with Friends app doesn't work.
A) Download AdFree (BigTinCan.com) from the Market, install and select "Revert". Reboot and enjoy! This is related to the baked in host file I supplied to do Ad Blocking.
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Dec 3, 2010
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That is one amazing wallpaper haha

From the looks of it, very similar to TER(battery icon, black notification bar and probably transparent background, am launcher) which is definitely okay with me.

One thing:
Does AM launcher have support for scrollable widgets now? The only one I actually use is Plume(formally touiteur, or however it was spelled), and it just doesn't work on AML.

Outside of that, I'll be patiently awaiting release =)


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Jan 15, 2011
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This isn't TER, this is ACE... Right Paul? :) I can't wait for this to come out, I am getting board with the stock ROM.


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Nov 25, 2010
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Don't completely judge a book by its cover or in this case picture..... Yes it has a bit of TER flavor, because you can't turn your back on what "works" but I still plan on giving this ROM a identity of its own. Plus this is in response to everyone that still wanted a "in house" ROM and were fans of what TER brought to the table.

More to come soon.... Still early in development..


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May 10, 2010
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nice Paul. i love the fact that AC has a rom for the Epic. Been trying out other roms for the past couple of days and settled on Simply AOSP for now. def know one thing it sure is going to be hard to choose a rom over the next couple of months since the source has been released. def will be trying this rom out once it is at a nice stable spot. you and Rag had me hooked to TER so i will def DEF DEF be trying any rom u put out there


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Nov 2, 2009
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Wow, I can't wait for this. I've been with android central and new to the android world since the evo came out. Love the site and now can have an official ace rom. Love it!! Man, can't wait to overclock this baby....!!


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Aug 13, 2010
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Go Paul!!!

Don't completely judge a book by its cover or in this case picture..... Yes it has a bit of TER flavor, because you can't turn your back on what "works" but I still plan on giving this ROM a identity of its own. Plus this is in response to everyone that still wanted a "in house" ROM and were fans of what TER brought to the table.

More to come soon.... Still early in development..

We really liked TER you are so right about it. when do you think it will be ready?

Go Paul!!!


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Jan 5, 2011
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no disrespect in any way, but did Rag get his hands on this also? i mean you guys are a AC dream team... ACE'D Android Central Epic Dream. lol just thought of it =]


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Nov 25, 2010
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@ESlogic, no I'm doing this on my own. Sure I do ask some questions to Ragnarokx but he has other duties here in the forums and isn't involved in any ROM development at this time.


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Dec 12, 2010
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I'm excited for this, I love that you kept everything BYOR except for the skinned notif bar w/ battery % mod, which I would have done anyway.


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Jan 5, 2011
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cool cool, i bet your as excited as the rest of us Rag! and thanks paul for maning up on your own and taking on the duty of making the house ROM

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