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Jul 9, 2010
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Hi everyone,
Looking for a ROM recommendation for my Inspire. Basically, I have grown tired of Sense and want a closer to stock Android experience.

A few things that are important to me (bare with me, i know they sound frivolous)

- Lock screen: On my Captivate and (pretty sure) on my Nexus One I was presented with the pattern unlock diagram when i pressed the power button. I don't like how HTC has added the swipe down to this sequence

-Stock Gallery app: Removing the picasa sync to sync with flckr on a Android phone is just ridiculous to me. I've downloaded the Gallery 3D app which comes pretty close but it doesn't work as smoothly as it did on my previous phones and some functionality doesn't seem to work at all sometimes

-Notification drawer: Honestly can't remember if this is stock android or something added with Touchwiz (I had a N1 for a month then switched to a Captivate for the last year). Either way, my Captivate had settings buttons at the top of the notification drawer to turn on/off wifi/gps/bluetooth and most importantly to me sound / vibrate. Sense replaces this with the task switcher which is useless to me

Other than that I'm not really looking for anything sophisticated, so I'm not big on overclocking or any of that stuff. I want a daily driver.

Thanks for the help,


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Jun 4, 2011
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Sounds to me like you are describing CM7. I just recently rooted my Inspire, and it was the first one I tried. So far I love it. It is very customizable, and I don't have anything bad to say about it so far. I believe it is close to stock Android as well, but not positive.

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