Routing instead of NAT/Masquerade in Tether clients, how can I do this?


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Routing instead of NAT/Masquerade in Tether clients

When clients connect to Android Tethering they get IPs of the private Tethering networl. There is plenty of info available on how to NAT/Masquerade the tethering clients (for example into a VPN), but I haven't managed to find how should I change or re-write IPTABLES and ROUTES in order to avoid natting/masquerading and just make ordinary routing from the tethered devices IP to the other networks (or a VPN). Example: Local Tether client 1 gets : Local Tether client 2 gets : ... and at the VPN interface we have the Network. Disabling NAT and adding the routes in an ordinary router is easy, but I need help to do it on my Android device. Thank you.


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Feb 12, 2012
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Re: Routing instead of NAT/Masquerade in Tether clients

IOW, you want all your tethered devices to use your real external IP address? Sorry, the technology of the internet doesn't work like that. IP tables are to set the outgoing route. The internal IP address HAS TO BE a NAT address. Asking for an ultraviolet screen that you can see with your eyes falls into the same category - it just can't be done.

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Rubkat, its NOT Internet at the other side of the NAT, there is a private LAN (for example the VPN it mentions) in another network segment. It only has to be routed, but before that, NAT/Masquerade has to be disabled. The questions is valid, how to disable NAT/Masquerade and just make the routes to the other networks on the LAN or VPN ?

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