S10 wifi connectivity issue


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Nov 8, 2022
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Hello all, was hoping someone out there may have ideas about a recurring problem I've been having.

I have an S10 and a Verizon FiOS router (G3100). With increasing frequency, I am having wifi connectivity issues. The wifi connection frequently cuts in and out (it will cycle back and forth between "Connected" and "Connected, no internet"). And frequently even when I am "Connected," data will slow to a crawl and/or stop altogether. If I switch the wifi off and run on 5G, data will start running again instantly. So it seems specific to the wifi. It also is specific to the phone - no other wifi devices in the house (smart tvs, Chromebooks, etc) ever have this issue. The issue occurs just as frequently when other devices are connected and streaming data as when they are not. It also seems to happen much more frequently when trying to launch streaming apps (Netflix, Hulu, and Sling will frequently hang at the intro screen, before I even try streaming anything) or web browsing on Chrome. Proximity to the router also doesn't seem to be the issue - it happens frequently when I am within a few feet of the router with a clear line of sight.

What I have tried so far:
- toggling wifi on and off
- resetting the Network settings in Settings
- turning VPN off
- restarting the phone
- restarting the router
- resetting the router
- clearing data cache from the apps most affected
- ensuring all apps are updated

None of these have had any effect. Any ideas for next steps? Really want to avoid a factory reset if possible, but recognize that may have to be the play here...


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