S21 ultra sound issue


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Jan 31, 2021
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I am a current Samsung s20+ owner and a lifelong android fan, originally had HTC before Samsung. I pre-ordered the S21 ultra and that arrived yesterday, however I've noticed something very strange and wondered if this was just a fault that's come with that specific phone or something that every S21 ultra device is going to suffer with. The sound quality is really bad, like muffled. I noticed it more than anything when I heard my chosen notification sound go off (Crescent) and I thought that doesn't sound right. I got both phones side by side to compare and that notification sound is actually much clearer and better on the s20+ than on the s21 ultra. I then played other things like music and even had a phone call on the s21 ultra and realised that everything sounds kinda muffled on it. It's almost as if they've made the sound chip inside really cheap. There is nothing blocking the speakers and as it's brand new, there is no damp or dirt stuck inside, I even tried gently blowing inside the speaker to see. Samsung said they weren't aware of any people phoning about that particular issue on release day. They've put it down to a faulty phone and they're obviously going to replace it but I wondered if anyone else has had the same issue? I'd of thought if anything the sound should be even better on the s21 ultra, not worse!! Any help would be much appreciated. Maybe you might have two of the same phones side by side to see yourself, I'm curious if it's just my device or every s21 ultra. Many thanks, Matthew Jones

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