Question s22 ultra randomly freezes while using and now stuck in loop reboot


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May 20, 2024
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I was browsing Amazon app on my s22 ultra and the phone randomly froze then it went black screen and now it's loop rebooting, and showing these 2 screen sometimes,
the phone has never been flashed or installed with unauthorized apps but has had the bottom daughter board that houses the charging port nad sim tray replaced. what's causing these issues and how do I fix it?


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Dec 6, 2011
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Welcome to Android Central forums.
It seems odd and like it should not be related but I have seen more than a few posts here about boot loops after a repair, usually a screen, where they also had to replace the charging port to stop the boot loops. Sounds odd I know but something on that board and or something with the charging port causes boot loops so I believe you have answered your own question. While I believe nearly any one of us can make repairs on these devices albeit with varying degrees of success, I will assume that you took this repair to a repair center. If it is a reputable place I would advise you return to them with this complaint.

In the meantime, it is sometimes possible to interrupt the boot loop cycle by booting into the bootloader. If you are able to get to the bootloader screen it will usually tell you the status of the device and will say "Tampered", "Unlocked" or "Genuine" at the top of the screen letting you know the device status. To boot into the bootloader screen power down the device, then press and hold the Vol + while pressing and holding the power button when the splash screen appears release the power button but continue holding the Vol + button until it boots up. Let us know if you get in, if you find the status and what that status is.

This video will show how to get into the bootloader. The instructions start at 45 seconds.

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