S5 does not play videos received in messenger, why?


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s5 does not play videos received in messenger

My galaxy s5 neo does not play the videos that I receive through facebook messenger. When i press "play" there appears the small cyrcle icon that the video is preparing to play but nothing happens. When I press on the video and choose "Save video" i get the message "Cannot save video". However, when i get to My files the video has actually been downloaded, but when i press play, it plays for 1-2 seconds and stops saying "failed to play video an unknown error has occured". I uninstalled and installed Facebook and massenger but nothing changed. Additionally, when I access facebook and Fb massenger from the internet (ant NOT through the app) the videos play just fine in messenger but there is no option to download.
Any ideas what I should do to make the app play correctly??? Thanks in advance!

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