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S7 edge forgot private mode pattern


AC Question

I have a Samsung galaxy s7 edge and i forgot my PRIVATE MODE PATTERN. How do I get in and NOT delete all my data?


Well-known member
Mar 22, 2011
Welcome to the forums. Basically, you can't. You can try the Android Device Manager website with a PC but you will still need the proper credentials to log in there.

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New member
Oct 18, 2017
I forget my Samsung s7 edge private mood pattern and i want not to delete my data. So please there is anyway to unlock my pattern without losing my data. Thanks

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central! Did you read through this thread already? Basically, you can't recover your Private Mode password. That would make it a poor security measure. You either have to try your best to remember it (using hypnosis, if necessary), or give up and do a factory reset, which will allow you to create a new Private Mode password (but which also means you'll lose that data).