S7 Edge to G6.

Jason Gilbert

Oct 14, 2014
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My two-year old AT&T S7 Edge has been slowing down lately and losing battery life, so I splurged and ordered the G6 unlocked from Wal-Mart. My kid has a G4 Play that is still going strong after 2 years and a zillion hours on Minecraft, so I thought I'd try this to see if it might be a better solution than $800+ on another flagship. So far I'm impressed:

  • I plopped the AT&T sim in and it works fine, though getting the sim card to stay in the little holder is a balancing act. No problems since it's been in.
  • Initial set-up (I started fresh, not from a backup) is snappier than any set-up ever has been in the S7, and I have done a number of factory resets on that phone to keep it smooth. I attribute this to the lack of Samsung/AT&T bloatware, which has really gotten out of control.
  • The phone looks great, and all of the ports and switches are tight. It's not as flashy as the S7 Edge (I have the extra-bling gold one), but the build quality is every bit as good.
  • The screen looks fantastic and is just the right size. I have fat fingers, so I want a W-I-D-E keyboard. The S7 Edge is good, but I was considering holding out for a 6-inch screen. The G6 is fine. It's every bit as wide as the S7 Edge, and a little taller. the S7 Edge has a screen that goes all the way to the edge, but it's curved enough that the last little bit of width isn't very useful. The G6 has bezels that are slim but still there, which makes it perfectly usable.
  • Colors look great, though they initially were a little blue. I switched from "vibrant" to "natural" in the settings and it seems better. The screen is very responsive, sometimes even registering a touch with little to no actual contact with my finger. The only downside is that sunlight visibility sucks, but I can live with that.
  • The fingerprint sensor works great. It was easier to register my fingerprints on the G6 than the S7, even though the actual sensor is narrower on the G6.
  • Photos are good, though a step down from the S7 Edge. The S7 takes fantastic photos, this G6 takes very good photos. 1080p recording was smooth with good sound, which is all I really care about.
  • Audio through (admittedly cheap-ish) headphones sounds good. I haven't really tried the speaker, but I don't use it much on the S7, so it's not a priority.
  • Battery life seems superb so far. Also, all of my old QC 2.0/3.0 chargers for the S7 seem to work just as well on the G6 as the included turbo-charger. In fact, after having looked into it some, the G6 supports its own turbo standard, QC 3.0, and PD over USB-C. This great, since now I can travel with one charger that will work on my laptop and phone.
  • The circular clock widget on the home screen is actually for Google's own Clock app, which is cool.

Gripes? I have a few, though they are minor:

  • It's a fingerprint magnet. (I'm getting a case, so I don't really care.)
  • When viewing the apps in use, you have to scroll all the way to the top to get to the "Clear All" button. It should be always visible at the bottom.
  • As mentioned above, visibility in sunlight is poor.
  • I do miss wireless charging a little bit, but for $250 I can live without it.
  • It's "splash proof" not IP-67 waterproof like the S7. I'm assuming that's good enough for me to occasionally wipe it down with a damp cloth, which is what I'm concerned about with two kids. Again, for the price that's fine.
  • I wish it was an Android One phone. It's close, since it mostly use stock Android apps and a clean interface, but that extra step would have been great. (Also note that this phone does support Project Treble, so maybe updates will come a little quicker?)

Overall I'm quite happy with it. I'll keep the S7 around for a while in case I change my mind, but the G6 looks like it may be a keeper.


Jun 28, 2018
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I shattered the screen on my iPhone X, so for me it was a matter of paying $280 for the screen to be repaired or $250 for a new phone altogether. So far I'm loving the performance of this device compared to other budget devices in this sector. I have Verizon, so my choices in this budget area are slim. I was going to go with the Zenfone V but it's still on Android Nougat with no time table on when it will get Oreo. The aging SD 820 with performance similar to the Moto G6 didn't help matters.