S9 IP68 v Heat.

Tarek Fahmi

Jun 17, 2018
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So I had went out to some random store to get a screen protector applied today, and while applying the screen protector, he whipped out some hair-dryer looking contraption that he claimed was necessary to get the screen protector around the edges. I let him do what he does, and voila.

Later, I noticed a few things.
1. The camera lense seems like it has risen and seems slightly uneven. (this might be my paranoid imagination but i thought i should put it up here just in case.)
2. the power button and Bixby button feel slightly loose.

I'm worried that the seals are broken and/or any other internals. Is that likely? Never letting a guy blow-dry my precious again.


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Feb 21, 2013
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1. Your camera lens might've already been slightly uneven and you're just noticing it now due to your slight paranoia. Tends to happen quite a bit for me in the past for superficial flaws, specially after the 'honeymoon period' for getting a new phone dies.

2. My buttons feel loose as well but not excessively loose. Considering every S9 and S8 I've used from friends and family have the same feel for the buttons, it shouldn't be an issue and won't compromise water resistance unless, you know, they literally fall out.

3. .3.

Your internals and seals are fine, specially if the phone is brand spanking new. It'll take a lot more heat that what a mere equivalent to a hair dryer will give out. If you've watched any S9 teardown videos, you'll see that even with the glass almost too hot to the touch, the water resistant adhesive is still very difficult to slice. Now, if it's 2 years from now or later, there's a chance natural wear and tear has word down the water resistance enough to compromise the protection but that's still a ways off.

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