[Sample] Your Introduction Thread

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Dec 4, 2012
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So, you have decided to join Android Central? Sweet! We would like for you to say hello. But, like that 12 page composition paper you had to write in school...what do I say? How do I start?

Well, first things first...let's start with the title. Something catchy, quirky, or even unique.
Me personally, I am from Wisconsin in the USA. I could say 'Greetings from America's Dairyland' or 'Hello from the Cheese State!'

Next...the body of the intro. You can say anything you would like here. Perhaps what got you involved in Android, or what brought you to the forums. You can even give us your smartphone history; some people do that, too. Other people tell us about what they do for a living and their families. Your intro can be as long or as short as you would like.

This will most likely be your very first thread here on AC, so, don't be too concerned if it doesn't sound the greatest. It's not like we are grading you on it...:p
Not open for further replies.