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Samsung 6s Edge and Moto360


May 1, 2015
I upgraded from an LGG2 to this new Samsung 6s Edge Friday. I also have a Moto360 watch. Everything was fine with my LGG2 and my watch. I got CNN notifications, and ESPN notifications, Instagram notifications and if I got a text, my watch showed the text.

I had troubles pairing the watch to the phone, so I factory reset the watch. I got my screen back and was able to use the phone for setting the colors on the watch screen. But I'm not getting CNN notifications. When I send a test notification from the Android wear ap to the watch nothing happens. I loved getting NOAA weather notifications, and when I saw the message that it's not connected to the phone, I knew something was wrong. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

This is my first Samsung phone, and I like the phone, but it renders the watch useless.