Samsung A5 stuck in account verification loop


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May 10, 2015
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So, backstory - my brother's phone was factory reset - I'll mention now that he's a bit handicapped and has a condition that doesn't allow him to speak. Not sure if he meant to do this or not. Anyway, my parents had no clue what to do, so they gave it to me to try and fix it before they destroyed it. Also, it has no sim card because he only uses it to take pictures and play games.

Alright, back to more relevant info - It is my other brother's old phone and he still has access to the Gmail address that is on it. But when you type in the email address and password, it just goes straight back to the 'enter email address' screen. We've tried resetting the password, but it does the same thing.

I found an older solution from a video by someone called Rootjunky on YouTube. It involved using an OTG cable and entering settings that way. (Yes, I do realize this is entering shady territory). The flash drive flickers, but nothing pops up on the phone. So there's $15 thrown away, apparently, for that cable. I just don't know what to do. I appreciate any help anyone can give me. At this point our next option is to throw away the phone, so I'll try anything