News Samsung aims to sell 20 million foldables in 2024


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May 4, 2023
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They need to tackle the problems with Service and sustainability of the fold phones past 2 years. The factory plastic screen cover is a pain to service (often a problem for some at around 8 months). It still remains to be seen if the Fold 5 will suffer any ribbon cable issues, as did earlier Fold devices. The Flip phones also need factory screen cover replacement, after a year or so. Samsung helps out new owners, but you really need SamsungCare with these phones, as the screen and cover are so fragile. These phones are more about service dollar, SamsungCare generation, and increasing requirements for new purchases every 1 to 2 years, as a revenue stream. If you buy it used, you're really paying for the nose for sky-high service costs as high as $500+. Used value on the Flagship Fold 4 drops to half in under a year, and if it follows the Fold 2 and 3, 1/3 to 1/4 value in 2 years. Nobody wants to buy a proven service problem. Seeing this play out in advance, in Seoul. We have Samsung stores to fix these issues located all over the city here. People in the United States and elsewhere go through a lot more trouble to find service, or must trust mailing a device in. They aren't going to like that once problems arise.
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