Samsung Galaxy J2 Core 2018 - Starts Freezes, Then Reboots


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Nov 22, 2018
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Recently, I encountered a problem with my Samsung Galaxy J2 Core 2018 that continuously reboots and then crashes. A little bit of a backstory before this issue occurred, My battery ran out of power and i charged it overnight. Upon waking up in the morning I checked my S6, and noticed it was at 81% which was odd considering I charged it all night. Then I turned it on and everything seemed to be normal, About 20 seconds later the screen froze and i wasn't able to tap on any apps or switch to a different tab, The S6 then shut off then displayed a yellow/blue light(In that order) and then it rebooted.

Update #1 :
The first thing i did was search on google for the problem, and saw a couple of forum posts saying to wipe the cache partition. I got into the BIOS for the android and wiped the cache partition with no luck. The phone still remained to freeze and then reboot.

Update #2 :
I tried booting the phone in safe mode, It didn't really do anything. The phone still remained to freeze up and reboot.

Update #3 :
The next thing I did was think on why this problem would be occurring to my phone, and i came up with two different reasons. 1) Their is an app that got a recent update and for some reason the phone hates it starting up. 2) There was a software update and completely broke my phone. I then proceeded to uninstall ALL the apps that I downloaded from the Google Play Store (this was very tedious considering i only had about 10-20 seconds before the phone froze up and rebooted). I eventually managed to uninstall all the apps, and it still froze and rebooted even after uninstalling all the apps.

Update #4 :
After a bit of time has passed and letting my phone rest, I decided to turn it on again and see if the problem fixed itself, and I attempted to get into the BIOS by holding down the VOLUME DOWN + HOME + POWER BUTTON, and instead of taking me to the BIOS it took me to a blue screen with a Warning sign at the top and below that was a message saying ("A custom OS can cause critical problems in phone and installed applications"). At first I thought "Why is this happening? Why didn't this show up before?) I decided to ignore this because I didn't know what it was and didn't want to somehow manage to break my S6 even more. But my curiosity got the best of me, I returned back to the blue screen, and decided to install the custom OS, it took me to another blue screen, with a big message in the middle saying "Downloading" and underneath that was a message "Do not turn off your phone." Now usually updates are pretty fast, but this update took a lot longer than I thought it would, I watched some TV, took a nap, woke up realizing that it was still updating (This was around three hours in when I started installing it.) I got worried, And some people will probably backlash me for doing this, but in a "What if this is a virus deal type of situation" I held down the power button for about 10 seconds and turned off my S6. After this, i quickly google'd what the whole deal about that was and came to find out that it's a way for carriers to see if your KNOX is tripped. (It's also called Download Mode). The phone still worked and turned on, but it still froze up and rebooted.

Update #5 :
Now after a bit more thinking, I thought to myself "What if an app i installed somehow managed to install a virus or some Developer option is causing my phone to crash." After that conclusion, I booted up my phone and proceeded to turn off the Developer options for my S6, in return it didn't do anything, the S6 still froze and rebooted. I then started thinking about what other options there were that were enabled on my phone like "GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Power Saving, Airplane Mode, Mobile HotSpot." I started disabling all of those features and my phone still froze and rebooted. It rebooted and thought to myself "What about the Mobile Data?" I went into Settings > Connections > Data Usage > and unticked Mobile Data. After unticking it, the usual procedure of it freezing and then rebooting happened again. But after it rebooted, it didn't freeze and was able to use my phone as normal. Just without internet.

This was a VERY long process, took me almost all day and yesterday to figure out what was wrong with my phone. Some things that I did were not smart, like turning off my phone during an update. I have a lot of pictures on my phone and I would not accept the fact that factory resetting was an option. If anyone has any insight on why this problem is occurring please feel free to leave a message.

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