Samsung Galaxy Note Keeps Restarting


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Jan 9, 2013
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Hey guys im new to this site so im not too familiar with this but i am hoping you guys can help me.
I have my Galaxy Note i717 that i recently bought off of someone. Everything was working great until it started restarting. It will just restart on its own. And i realized now that its a pattern. It will restart after the 3rd time i lock the phone. After that it restarts. So i was looking around and i found out that the phone was rooted. Not knowing much i searched up on Youtube own how to unroot thinking that was the problem. So i unrooted the phone and i tried going back from ICS to GB which was a HUGE mistake because i ended up bricking the phone. So i took it to some guy to fix it. He ended up getting it back to normal home screen but the phone is rooted once again with ICS 4.0.4 and keeps restarting.
The guy who fixed it for me said it could be a hardware issue which i hoped is not the case but now i think it is. And i dont know if the phone is under warranty since i bought it off of someone. If it is under warranty then lucky for me but since the phone is rooted, doesnt that void the warranty?
Is there anyway i can fix the restarting issue? Or would i have to send it back
I know its alot of reading but i just want to fix my phone )=
Any help would be greatly appreciated guyss!

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