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I can’t find any information on the apps that are suddenly showing up on my phone or the ones that used to give me the option of uninstalling but are now grayed out. My phone updated and I expected some changes but now there are apps suddenly appearing that I can’t remove permissions for, can’t disable, and can’t uninstall. I used to have the option to disable things like dual messenger and a few others but the options aren’t there anymore. I’m not usually a paranoid person but when I try to search these apps, there’s no information that comes up on them and what little information I find on the few I have, doesn’t explain to me why they’re on my phone suddenly to begin with. Does anyone know if there’s somewhere to get a list of the pre-installed and system apps I SHOULD have on my phone? I’ll save everyone the trouble of listing them all here. If there are some that shouldn’t be there, can I use ADB to uninstall them? Thanks for your time and help.

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! Which carrier are you on? Some carriers automatically install annoying bloatware (like Verizon's App Manager or T-Mobile's AppSelector) as soon as you insert their SIM card (or, if your phone was originally from a carrier, it may be part of the firmware).

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