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Samsung Galaxy S3 - stuck on splash screen after deleting CM10

Nima Kiaran1

New member
Jul 13, 2013
So I installed cyanogenmod 10.1 then deleted it because of problems i was having
then i uninstalled and now there is no OS to run so when i turn it on it either gets stuck on the Samsung Galaxy s3 bit or the battery shows up and it gets frozen on loading bit and i can turn it on with recovery mode or download mode but I CANT connect my s3 to the computer so i can put a rom on it.
im using TWRP
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Craig Rogers

Jan 8, 2013
Not a problem, this is why the s3 has a micro SD slot. Just pick up a micro SD card (they're ridiculously cheap, I picked up a 16 gig for 10 bucks) and a micro SD card reader if you don't have one (not sure the price of those, but it couldn't be more than 15 bucks for a little usb adapter or something). Load the rom onto the micro SD (with the proper gapps, but I'm sure you already knew that) and put it into the phone. Then boot into twrp, factory reset, head to flash/install, select micro SD from the list, and install everything. Just make sure next time to have an os always, otherwise it could be trouble to get a new one on the phone.

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