Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Root Help!!


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Feb 26, 2017
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Okay so ive just tried to root my s7 and as far as i'm aware i did everything i was supposed to using a tutorial with Odin. after my phone restarted i realised some of my apps had gone and some had stayed, but with Knox being blocked i assume the root worked, however i have no Google play services (just the app on the home screen which does nothing when pressed) no browser to download APK's to help (if its possible), no way to log in to google play email accounts and on my PC it shows no folders on my phone so i dont know if or where id put any files to help this issue

is this normal and im just being stupid or have i messed it up? ive been up for 30+ hours and im starting to think i should of slept before starting this

any help is appreciated, please dont abuse me i know im a noob

Model number SM-G935F

[[[ this is the method i used]]]

Step # 4 On your phone, boot into Download mode:

Now it is time to start with your phone. In the first step, you need to boot your device into Download mode. Turn your phone off and reboot by pressing and holding Home, Power and Volume Down buttons. Hold the buttons for a few seconds and you will find your phone in Download mode.

Step # 5 Get phone drivers:

First, make sure that you have Samsung Mobile Phone Drivers installed on your computer. Download the drivers from your device and install them on the PC and proceed to next step:

Step # 6 Run Odin on your PC:

Now as you have root files ready on your PC and your device in the download mode, run the Odin tool on your computer and then connect your phone via USB cable. Wait until you see the ‘Added message’ on Odin.

Step # 7 Start the Root Process:

On the Odin tool find the AP button and click on it. Now browse your PC for the .tar.md5 file which you have saved earlier, in the 3rd step. After picking up the root file, now click START and let the process go on. You will not see any progress bar as on your smartphone it will show the Galaxy S7 logo instead. Your device will reboot a couple of time as the process go on and finally it will boot into Android and you will be done with your Galaxy S7 root or the Galaxy S7 edge root.

Your device will reboot a couple of time as the process go on and finally it will boot into Android and you have your Galaxy S7 or the Galaxy S7 edge rooted.