Samsung Note 5 - sounds keeps interrupting using screen mirroring (miracast). How can I improve this?

noham bouhnik

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Feb 11, 2016
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Samsung Note 5 - sounds keeps interupting using screen mirroring (miracast)

Using Sony BDP S72000 miracast to stream movies from my Samsung Note 5 to my TV. I usually get issue with the sound , either it gets interrupted or sometime there is a lag. It is not the movie as i dont get that when watching on the device. any idea how to improve this ? i would think it is a wifi issue. TX

Matt Behnken

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Dec 27, 2013
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Re: Samsung Note 5 - sounds keeps interupting using screen mirroring (miracast)

Yeah, could be a range of issues. Obviously wifi connectivity to both devices is first.

1.restart your router, then Check the wifi download speed on your phone and then again near the tv.

2.processing can cause lag too, check available ram on your phone ie. Force quit all other apps.

3. Some apps broadcast high bandwidth better than others. Try another broadcast app like allcast to see if the problem still happens.

4. Try just casting audio, see if it still lags

5. Could be corrupted cache or too large of cache file. Try cache partition wipe.

6. If you haven't already, restart tv and phone

7. Some routers limit traffic for various reasons. Check the router settings for streaming performance. (There are many settings that can effect throughput.)

8. Some miscast devices and some routers have lag when broadcasting from a device on 5ghz wifi network to a tv on 2.4ghz wifi and vice versa. You could try to put both on the 2.4 and see if that resolved it.

9. Interference can also cause lag. Large speakers have magnets, fish tanks block wifi, concrete walls, solid wood etc between routers and devices.

10. I hope you've fixed it because there's so many streaming issues

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