Samsung S20+ Unlocked 5G, will it work in Europe?

Ken Mozzillo

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Nov 1, 2017
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I am an expat and I live in the UK. I have the US Unlocked S20+. I was wondering if the 5G would also work here? I have tried to research this and I am getting mixed answers. I don't have any UK 5G sim cards to try out yet.

LTE is more of a clear cut answer. Europe uses LTE bands 3, 5, 7, and 20. 5G is more of a mystery on what bands are used.


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Apr 19, 2010
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My suggestion, since nobody has answered this in 12 hours, would be to log onto and initiate a chat. Be sure to request a live agent or you get a virtual chat. They should be able to tell you pretty easily.