Samsung S23 Ultra - Can this phone finally freeze action in both good and lower light?


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Dec 7, 2012
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I'm not a big user of the S Pen so I really don't miss that when I switch to my P7P.

The Sammy feature I find myself missing the most nowadays when I switch is Routines. I have so many routines setup for all types of situations I often forget I have a certain Routine setup so when I switch to my P7P and it doesn't do something automatically I find myself thinking "what's wrong with this phone" ... then I remember, oh no Routines LOL. I know there are third party apps, like Tasker, that have similar (and probably more) functionality but they seem to have a steep learning curve and require root to achieve some things. Routines is SO easy to use and built right into the OS so it can do some things with the need of root access.

I really wish Google would build up on their Rules feature and make it more robust.
Man I love routines. I need MORE ROUTINES! Tasker is an option, but I really like having something so powerful built right into the OS.

On topic, I have a lot of disdain for the Pixel, but even I have to say that if still photos that you don't have to set up are what's important then it's the only phone you should consider.

On the subject of RAW, there is a good reason you can't get them from a PIxel, they would be embarrassingly bad. As mustang pointed out, the only reason Pixel pix lookk good is computational (although I have my doubts on how important the silicon they tout is and think it's mostly a software thing) the raw unprocessed images would look like a phone from 2013 lol.


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Jun 6, 2015
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I will say my Pixel 7 Pro handles those types of shots much better than my Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (I actually prefer practically all of the 7 Pro shots over the S23U). Point and shoot shots of my dogs are almost always better with my Pixel.

While Pixels lack an S Pen, it's not /iOS
This! My Pixel 6 captures my 3-year-old and my cats in motion almost without fail. I also own the S21 Ultra. Can't wait for the Pixel 8 series.

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