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Hello, everyone. I believe my device is either soft-bricked and can get into recovery mode or hard-bricked and there's no saving the device. The device is a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 inch from Australia, and I have looked up various combinations said on the internet in an attempt to boot into recovery that, unfortunately, do not work.

The reason I want to recover is that the Mangarock app crashed my device when I attempted to link it to my Facebook. The result was an interval of flickering static and lines until my device was able to be booted again.

I have left my device to boot up normally, but it stays at the Samsung Logo for more than 5 minutes before it boot-loops again. That's when I decided the device needs to be reset, though at that point I also believe the crash corrupted the system beyond repair.

I have attempted the POWER / VOLDOWN / HOME combination, and it boots me to the "Custom OS" page where I require Odin to do stuff. When I do POWER / VOLUP / HOME, the device boots me to Download Mode. It is said on the internet that one of those options boot into recovery mode, but they have not worked for me. I am still stuck, and I cannot factory-reset my device.

What do people here suggest I do? Is it possible to recover the device, or is it impossible and I have to get a new one?

Thanks in advance!